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New Jersey's Up & Coming Pop Artist

AIRY JEANINE is an emerging entertainer whose intrinsic talents

have put her on a steady track toward stardom. 

AIRY JEANINE is an entertainer on the rise, about to impact the world of entertainment. The teenaged New Jersey based Pop Singer, Songwriter, and Actress has a wide spectrum of talents. She is a skilled multi-instrumentalist with agile vocals that exude an easygoing ambience. Her performing repertoire is well defined, as she continues to chart a journey into a bright future that is unfolding with great expectancy.

The blossoming performers’ inclinations began in her formative years, participating in ballet and acting, and later incorporating music and singing as a part of her early interests. She is progressively developing and perfecting her artistry. An evident talent, with adept musical and songwriting abilities, Airy Jeanine is primed for Pop acclaim, ready to bring her brand to the world, and establish her place in the upper echelon of today’s popular entertainers.

Aligned with an award winning and all-star team, she is dedicated to create a body of work that explores various facets of life experiences from her youthful and keenly perceptive vantage point. Her current single, "Everywhere" is a veritable follow-up to her previous hit songs, “Do You”, and "Mama's Girl". It features the rising star in an expressively dynamic way to existing and potential fans and audiences.

Let’s rewind a few years. While studio production work continued on assorted new material for an album, she released an initial single, “Mama’s Girl”. The song made several noteworthy first time achievements, including securing successful chart rankings: #1 on IMN (Independent Music Network), National Radio Hits Top 10, and gained an impactful, notable Billboard Indicator Top 30 spot. In addition, it was the winner of the Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Song in August 2015. The video received the 2015 Video of the Year award from IMN, and further brought her widespread visibility from tremendous exposure on video outlets and also in-store play at retail establishments nationwide.

To further connect with and captivate more fans and audiences, she continued to evolve with fresh influences and inspirations. The emerging starlet delivered a bonafide follow-up single, "Do You" in early 2016, that reintroduced her in a more sentimental way. The accompanying video done by the Itchy House Films camp, effectively captured the essence of the song, complimenting the expressed emotions she portrayed.

The project accelerated her momentum. The build-up that started was a sign of things to come….#1 status, several top 5 and 10 rankings on charts of Independent industry sites such as FMQB, National Radio Hits, New Music Weekly, and the Independent Music Network. The song climbed to the #27 spot on the Billboard Top 40 Indicator Chart, and made an impression for the newcomer on the Mediabase Top 40 at #72.

Concurrently, she ventured into the world of television, as the star of a TV Pilot,“Airy Jeanine and Friends”. The show, which has comedic and dramatic themes, is geared to the teen and young adult demographic, and aims to attract a multicultural audience. Written and directed by Mad Matthewz, it is being shopped to production companies and networks.

The versatile young entertainer is developing a repertory of creative writing, and completed a Children’s book,“This Is Me”, authored and published in Spring 2016.

At present, her first-love, music, is once again in the spotlight, with the recent release of the current single “Everywhere”. The lively, energizing tune has all the ingredients of an absolute hit. It is gaining exposure from Radio airplay at numerous Top 40 and Rhythmic formatted radio stations.

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